Useful Links


Landed – forest gardening – A blog following the development of a small edible forest garden in Salisbury, Wiltshire, first planted in winter 2008.

The Field – A blog about permaculture inspired growing in Lincolnshire.

The Middle-Sized Garden – A bit more on the ornamental side, sometimes interesting. The middle sized garden is in suburbia and 1/5th of an acre.

mudandgluts – Written by Beryl – a seed-saving, mud wrangling allotmenteer, HSL seed guardian and confirmed bookworm.


The Agroforestry Research Trust – ART is run by Martin Crawford, who’s written several books on forest gardening, and supplies both plants and seeds suitable for growing in forest gardens. I’ve been impressed with their plants – many of my fruit trees came from the ART and they were good sized and established well. I find their seed supply service to be a bit more mixed since prices are often higher than other suppliers and the number of seeds smaller, but they do stock a lot of obscure species.

Keepers nursery – One of the best fruit tree nurseries. They stock a large number of varieties and offer a greater choice of rootstock than many other suppliers. I’ve found that trees fro  ART tend to be bigger on arrival, but Keepers offers more choice.

Real Seeds – A supplier of good old-fashioned open pollinated fruit and vegetable seed. They have many varieties of interest to the amateur grower and some unusual things like Oca, Yacon, Mashua, Achocha, …. They also campaigned hard against recent EU seed laws which would have severly restricted the selling of low volume heritage varieties, and deserve support.

Chiltern Seeds – It’s hard to find a UK based seed supplier who offers more variety than Chiltern Seeds. They’re not always the cheapest, but I use them a lot for more obscure species that are hard to get elsewhere. B & T World Seeds probably have a bigger catalogue, but have the disadvantage of being located in France.