Seeds Sown 2016/7

Another winter, another seed list. This year so far I have fewer edible perennials for the simple reason that I already have a lot of them. Apart from some onion sets I haven’t planted many vegetables yet – now March is here I’ll be ordering some veg seed from the Real Seed catalogue in the next week or two to get some of the early things started.

A few things are already growing, including things I’ve been trying for years. This is the first year my sweet violet seeds have grown, and I’ve been trying for at least three or four years.

Latin NameCommon NameStatusNotes
Viola odorataSweet VioletGrowingFinally! I've been sowing for years with no success, until now
Cephalotaxus fortuneiPlum YewSownEdible nuts
Chaenomeles japonicaOriental QuinceSownI used a lot to make wine, so I saved the seeds and sowed them..
Pachyphragma macrophylla?GrowingGroundcover for shady locations
Asclepias tuberosaMilkweedSownMay be edible. Good butterfly plant.
Asclepias incarnataMilkweedGrowingMay be edible. Good butterfly plant.
Linaria vulgarisToadflaxSownMedicinal, dye, wildlife
Centaurea scabiosaGreater KnapweedSownMedicinal, wildlife
Sium sisarumSkirretSownEdible root, related to parsnips and carrots. Tastes nice and I like the large white umbels.
Artemisia dracunculoidesRussian TarragonSownHerb
Primula VerisCowslipSownAnother wildflower. I've found it hard to grow from seed in the past.
Verbena bonariensisVerbenaSownAttractive tall flowers.
Galega officinalisGoat's RueGrowingHerb, medicinal. I sowed in autumn to break dormancy but it started growing in early January.
Alliaria petiolataGarlic MustardIn packetFor a common weed, this is hard to grow. I've sown seed several times and never got anywhere.
Allium neapolitanumDaffodil GarlicIn packetA lot alliums are attractive and edible. They're a no-brainer.
Allium canadenseMeadow GarlicIn packetSee above. Considered an invasive weed by some.
Cardamine pratensisCuckoo FlowerIn packetEdible, attractive
Fragaria x ananassaStrawberrySownI always sow strawberries. They make a great ground-cover and you get something even after the birds and slugs are done.
Fragaria vescaWild strawberryIn packetSee above
Fragaria moschataMusk StrawberryIn packetI try every year or two, it seems much harder to germinate than fragaria vesca.
Malva moschataMusk MallowIn packetAnother plant that's hard to go wrong with. Attractive pink flowers, edible and mild leaves and flowers.
Malva sylvestrisCommon MallowIn packetSee above
Solidago canadensisCanadian GoldenrodIn packetEdible, ornamental
Verbascum thapsusCommon MulleinIn packetTea, flowers
Scorzonera hispanicaScorzoneraIn packetEdible root
Allium tuberosumGarlic ChivesIn packetNicer than normal chives, but seem to die out easier in my garden
Marrubium vulgareHorehoundIn packetSeasoning, tea, medicinal. Looks a lot like a nettle.
Agastache rugosaAnise HyssopIn packetLovely flavour, especially in you like anise. A perennial, but tends to die out in my garden quickly.
Agrostemma githagoCorn CockleIn packetWildflower
Anchusa officinalisAlkanetIn packetNice blue flowers. Not as invasive as its weedy name cousin.
Inula heleniumElecampaneIn packetMedicinal, ornamental, wildflower
Stachys officinalisWood BetonyIn packetAnother one that never seems to work out for me.
Lythrum salicariaPurple LoosestrifeIn packetMedicinal, ornamental
Rheum rhabarbarumRhubarbIn packetPeople say you shouldn't grow rhubarb from seed, but I've found it works out OK
Lavandula angustifoliaLavender 'Dwarf Munstead'In packetHerb
Centaurea cyanusCornflowerIn packetWildflower
Papaver rhoeasPoppyIn packetWildflower
Althaea roseaHollyhock 'Black Knight'In packetOrnamental
Knautia arvensisField ScabiousIn packetLast year I had luck with Devil's Bit Scabious seed, but Field Scabious didn't grow
Achillea millefoliumYarrowIn packetAttractive wild-flower, edible. Spreading. Edible but bitter.
Dipsacus fullonumTeaselIn packetWild-flower, popular with birds in the winter
Cichorium intybusChicory 'Rossa di Treviso'In packetEdible bitter leaves, dandelion relative