Garden Plan

A plan of the garden (2016/7)

A plan of the garden (2016/7)

This is a rough plan of the garden at the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017. I’ve tried to mark most of the shrubs, but labelling them all makes the diagram unreadable. I’ll either add more numbers or sub-maps later.

The main fruit trees are labelled as follows:

  1. Beurre Sterckmans pear
  2. Concorde pear
  3. Beth pear
  4. Iranian medlar
  5. Fiesta apple
  6. Celeste cherry
  7. Yellow Pershore plum
  8. Howgate Wonder apple
  9. Cockle Pippin apple

I’ve drawn dashed circles around them to mark their possible maximum size, although they’ll take a long time to get there and can be guided a bit by pruning.