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I decided it was time to draw a plan of the garden… and this is the first draft. Marking everything is impossible, so I’ve focused on the┬álocations of medium to large shrubs and trees. The fruit trees are numbered and the size they might reach in 10 or 15 years is marked with dashed lines. I’m not sure how practical it is to number and label everything, but I might try later.

Parts of it look a bit odd – why are the vegetable beds to the north of a plum tree? Why does the greenhouse have an apple tree to the south-east, which means careful management of its height forever? The answer is that plans evolved – the vegetable beds ended up where a (now deceased) dessert plum was, and the greenhouse was moved north from the plan after the unexpected arrival of our son made having more lawn near the house a priority. I’m sure that in a decade, things will have shifted more.

A plan of the garden (2016/7)

A plan of the garden (2016/7). 1 = Beurre Sterckmans pear, 2 = Concorde pear, 3 = Beth pear, 4 = Iranian medlar, 5 = Fiesta apple, 6 = Celeste cherry, 7 = Yellow Pershore plum, 8 = Howgate Wonder apple, 9 = Cockle Pippin apple

When drawing it, what struck me is how easy it was to sketch everything from memory. I used an old Google Maps image from back when the plot was bare for the outline, but the rest, the locations of the paths, arches, shrubs and beds, just fell onto the page. Gardening means devoting so much time and effort and attention to such a small space that the entire thing becomes engraved on your memory. Even if we move one day, I’m not sure I’ll ever forget our garden here.

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  1. A proper garden plan is something I haven’t got around to yet but it is on my todo list although I will do mine by GPS’ing all the main features. I did this at a wildlife trust nature reserve for all the paths and a few features (I took about 5,000 GPS points) and wrote a program to scale it and turn it into a map – I was well impressed with the accuracy – It’ll work well on a large garden and join 2 hobbies together, programming and gardening.

    • It’d be interesting to see how you’ve laid things out, but I’ve found drawing it is quite tricky, mostly because of deciding what to put in / leave out and how accurate to be. I’d love to label everything, but the text would make the map unreadable. I probably need something clickable… you think you could label some of the GPS points?

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