SD Card Failure

About a week ago, the SD card in the raspberry pi died. I’ve spent a few hours over the weekend rebuilding the system and trying to mitigate future SD card failure by migrating all but the boot partition to an external hard-drive, but unfortunately some things still aren’t up and running and for some reason WordPress is now incredibly slow compared to past performance.

I’m hoping to resolve the issues soon and get everything back more or less to how it was. Until then, if you’re patient the old posts should now be back up, with some pictures missing.

2 thoughts on “SD Card Failure

  1. That’s the one problem with the Pi. There are only so many write cycles you can do on an SD card. When I was writing sensor logging software half the code was to reduce writes. I think you need to turn off all logging. Stop the Pi from storing the time and get an RTC module. Setup up a ram disk for data to be written to and once in a while copy that data to SD card…..or of course run everything from a hard disk.

    The other option is to add a second card reader, and duplicate / backup the main SD card once every x number of hours.

    • I’m hoping that just backing up the (basically static) boot folder, which is the only thing actually on the sd card now used, and then restoring it if/when there’s an issue should be enough. The external hard drive should be more durable, although I can do occasional backups of that as well.

      Unfortunately I have less time for tinkering with Linux than I used to have – I remember on my first ever Linux install about 16 years ago I spent half a week fiddling with config files before X would run properly.

      It’s amazing how the Pi is being used for all kinds of production applications now. It’s just a pity there’s no way to get it to boot from something other than the SD card.

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